Every time I get behind the camera, I find beauty in front of me; every session is beautiful in its own way. But as an experienced photographer, I rarely get to work in what I would call the "perfect" conditions (sometimes the sun hides behind a cloud, a picture comes out blurry, or there's a little mud). BUT there are some rare days in photography that the weather, the lighting, the mood, the outfits, the family, the camera settings and the location all come together and create the ultimate photographer's dream.

...Welcome to that dream!!!!

This lovely Saturday afternoon session with the House family was just so peaceful, lovely, and dare I say perfect. I couldn't have asked for a better day or a more loving family to photograph. The photos were such a treat to edit and I'll be living in these sun-soaked images forever. Scroll to see more of our session at the Green Acre Farms Memorial Park on a golden November afternoon!