I love a good sunset photo session as much as the next photographer. Give me the tall grass, distant forests, and the wind in our hair, and I'm a happy camper! However, there's something truly magical about in-home photo sessions (otherwise known as lifestyle photo sessions). The beauty and ease of documenting you and your loved ones in the place you love most, as a fly on the wall—there's truly nothing else like it.

But before I get into some of the reasons I love lifestyle sessions, I feel like I should first define what a lifestyle session is! Lifestyle photography can be best described as a photography style that leans more "natural" or candid, documenting you and your family engaging with each other within your typical environment, interacting with everyday objects and scenery. The result? Relaxed, natural, intimate photos.

Curious to learn more? Here are just a few reasons why I recommend you try a lifestyle photo session for your next round of family photos!

1. It's more weather-proof

If you live in Texas and you've ever been outside, you know that sometimes the idea of staying indoors and cranking up the AC (or the heat) just sounds too good to ignore. Texas is known for its unpredictable weather. With an in-home lifestyle photo session, you don't need to have the added stress of constantly refreshing your weather app, or rescheduling 3 or 4 times to avoid storms (yes, this has happened to me before!!). With an indoor session we can avoid the extreme temperatures (and the bipolar weather, and tornado warnings, and bugs, and snakes, etc), stay safe and comfy, and still make some magic.

Honestly, the Texas weather is probably the biggest reason to opt for an indoor photo session, especially if you're planning on taking pictures between July and October, or between December and March.

2. It encourages authenticity

One of the most significant advantages of choosing an at-home lifestyle photo session is the familiarity of your own space. Whether it's the cozy living room where you spend evenings together or the backyard where countless family barbecues have taken place, these settings can evoke a profound sense of comfort and belonging. It allows your family to be at ease, resulting in candid, genuine moments that beautifully reflect your daily life.

Since your home is a familiar and comfortable environment, it also encourages the personality of each family member to shine through—especially with more shy or introverted kids. Sometimes, children (especially toddlers) have a hard time going to an unfamiliar location, dealing with the changes and challenges of being outdoors in a new place, and then being asked to get in front of a camera and smile. With a lifestyle session, we're in their territory. They are usually much more confident and genuine. Sometimes kids even get excited to give me a tour of the house or show off their favorite toys. Talk about a great ice-breaker!

Long story short, when you're in your element, you'll feel more free to be yourselves, and the photos that result are that much more authentic.

3. It's more unique

The personality of your home and decor is also a big factor in capturing good lifestyle photos. Your home is something that is so unique to your family, and it really shows off your style and your values as a family.

Your home, inside and out, is brimming with unique backdrops that tell your family's story. Whether it's the charming porch, your child's playroom, or the master bedroom where you gave birth, these everyday settings can make for beautiful photos filled with personal meaning.

What's more, you can rest assured that your annual Christmas card photo will not feature the cookie-cutter studio backgrounds or tall grass fields found in ever other family's Christmas card photo. Again, it's all about personality and authenticity!

4. Accidents happen...

While families with older children may not encounter this, the unpredictability of spills, leaks, or accidents can add to the stress of a family photo session with young children. If we're in the middle of the wilderness, it can be difficult to address these types of hiccups, but when you're at home—they're hardly even a setback.

Did the baby just spit-up all over himself? We have a drawer full of clean outfits to change him into. Noticed a coffee stain on your husband's shirt? You can confidently tackle it in the laundry room instead of praying you brought a Tide Pen. Someone forgot to go potty before we started? No worries, she'll run down the hall and be back in a minute.

The added convenience of being in your home with every tool and resource at your disposal is unbeatable when it comes to helping your family photo session to go smoothly.

5. You can currently get a discount!

That's right! I love in-home lifestyle sessions so much that I want to offer you a lower price so you can give lifestyle photo sessions a try! That's why I'm offering 25% off of my lifestyle photo package until January 3rd, 2024! I think that's as sweet a reason as any to book a lifestyle photo session.


While outdoor photography sessions in Texas undoubtedly have their own charm, an at-home lifestyle photo session offers a unique and intimate way to capture the beauty of your family life. It allows you to showcase the warmth and uniqueness of your home and provides a timeless record of your everyday moments. With personalized comfort, unique backdrops, and the convenience of weather-proof sessions, it's a compelling choice for any family looking to create lasting memories.

Ready to start your journey? Contact me at the button below! I can't wait to meet you all and to document the story of your family.